U.T.I. (untamed telescopic interface, duh...)

finals and an insatiable desire to soak up manhattan as much as possible in the next month have made blogging a little difficult. all apologies, clicksters.

Since I don't have time to give you anything real thick to hold onto of my own (seeing as i've been working on my writing portfolio night and day, and you babies can't read it until it's published) here are some works of others that i am passing along to you...

if you don't read postsecret, you should...
these were my favorites this week

In other news: this is now right now

Other places in the world, musicians I love are doing things I don't understand...
like Kele from blocparty's new electro solo album
oh and don't forget about M.I.A.'s new "punk rock" single
the video for which you can see here
(warning, not for the faint of heart.)

well that's it for today clicksters,
but baby'll be back asap to rub one out with you guys



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